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EV range calculator

How far do you drive in a day?  Electric cars will usually offer a real-world range of at least 80 miles on a single charge which will take you from Paddington to Portsmouth! Higher capacity batteries available since 2016 give over 100 real-world miles with many models now comfortably covering over 200 miles.

Range differs between electric car models and is affected by how you drive and environmental factors (such as temperature). For many, a 30kWh battery gives sufficient daily range and a 50kWh battery is likely to extend that to up to three hours of driving.  If you do regularly cover over 100 miles in a day or if you cannot easily charge at home or work, you should consider a long range electric car with a battery of 50kWh or more.

Calculate your electric car range

Type in your postcode below and we will show you how far you can travel with the typical range of an electric car – either one way with a 30kWh battery (100 miles) or a return journey in a 60kWh model.