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Car Dealer Magazine Used EV Dealership 2023 Winner – EV Experts

Meet the team

Our friendly team of experts will happily take the time to find the right EV for you

Martin Miller, Founder

Martin Miller


Martin has been commuting cross country between our two sites and opts for a Peugeot e208 GT, Mini Electric or BMW i3S to really feel and enjoy the ride. All three are powerful enough to bring back memories of his youth in his Peugeot 205 GTi and agile for those country lanes and slow-moving horseboxes.

Estelle Miller, Founder

Estelle Miller


Estelle chooses her cars head over heart, and with a long round trip to visit son at uni, is loving the Hyundai Kona for its 250-mile range, reliability and intuitive tech. Although, sometimes it's the VW ID.4 with a huge boot that she is needing for all the paraphenalia and bags of dirty washing!

Lewis James, Customer Service and Sales Manager

Lewis James

Customer Service and Sales Manager

Lewis thinks the Peugeot e2008 would work well for his toddler with the pan roof, plenty of boot space and roof rails for bikes/trikes. But as the bikes get bigger and hobbies kick in, he would opt for the larger Audi Q4 e-tron 40 with 250 miles of realworld range and SONOS premium sound for those Radio 1 tunes.

Wojciech Tokarczyk, Vehicle Preparation Manager

Wojciech Tokarczyk

Vehicle Preparation Manager

Passionate about cars since childhood, Wojciech loves the latest tech and is excited by the Kia EV6, specifically in matte grey with all its toys and gadgets. At less than half the price, Wojciech would drive a Honda-e for his daily commute, which looks really cool in charge yellow.

Matt Cooper, Vehicle Preparation

Matt Cooper

Vehicle Preparation

At 6'5”, Matt likes spacious American cars for their speed and comfort. He enjoys putting a Tesla Model 3 Performance AWD through its paces. If not a family man, Matt would opt for a white interior with deep blue metallic paintwork.

Anastasia Stroganova, Accounting and Administration

Anastasia Stroganova

Accounting and Administration

As a city girl, Anastasia's first choice would be the Fiat 500e La Prima with its stylish soft-touch cream interior and panoramic sunroof. For longer adventures, she loves the functionality and range of a VW ID.3 and the clever IQ.Light that works with the sat nav to let you know when to change direction.

Owen Stavely-Butler, Vehicle Preparation

Owen Stavely-Butler

Vehicle Preparation

Owen hasn’t quite passed his driving test yet, but when the time is right, he would like a BMW i3 because of its iconic look and the prestige status of the brand. Plus, the performance is superb and it’s easy to park.

Ray Vincent, Delivery and Collection

Ray Vincent

Delivery and Collection

Ray drives a second gen Nissan Leaf and loves it. His next car will be for 'the Mrs', and they have their eye on a sporty little Vauxhall Corsa-e or the range-tastic Peugeot e208 in GT spec with white paintwork and a black roof.