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About EV Experts

Our passion for electric cars started with our passion for sailing…quietly moving from A to B with little impact on the environment. And then we found that EVs such as the BMW i3 or Tesla model S can satisfy our inner ‘petrol head’ and that the Nissan Leaf or Kia Soul make fantastic family cars. We want to make a difference by helping consumers and businesses go electric and we know that there is an electric car on the market for everybody!

Our experienced team can help you decide which EV or plug-in hybrid will fit into your lifestyle. We can arrange installation of charge points, connect you with your local charging networks and take your old car off your hands – even if it’s a dirty diesel! We also offer consultancy to organisations of all sizes that are looking to electrify their fleet or encourage uptake of EVs from their customers, students or employees. If you are interested in electric, give us a call.

EV Experts founder, Martin Miller, has had a successful career yacht racing and also in marketing for bluechip brands in the automotive and technology sectors.  As an early adopter and with a passion for the environment Martin was keen to promote EV ownership.  EV Experts launched in 2017 with his mission to provide independent, reliable, expert advice and to sell carefully selected, reliable, desirable vehicles.

See The Latest Electric Cars For Sale!

See The Latest Electric Cars For Sale!

EV Experts sell nearly new and pre-owned electric cars. We stock pure electric cars which can also be called EVs, ZE (zero emission) or BEV (battery electric vehicles). EV Experts keep a range of electric cars in stock from all the major brands. We strive to answer any questions that you may have about running, purchasing and maintaining an electric car. We advise on charging when at home, work or on the move and organise the installation of home EV chargepoints. Give us a call and put our knowledge to the test!