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Choosing an electric car

There are two things to consider when choosing an electric car … range and budget. A Tesla can take you over 300 miles before needing a top-up and has everything you would expect from a luxury car including a price tag of £40-80k for a pre-owned model. Renault Zoe start (pre-owned) at around £7k plus a small monthly battery lease fee and will cover up to 70 miles between charges. The Zoe is also now available with bigger battery sizes.

The consummate all-rounder, and one of the first EVs to launch – the Nissan Leaf, is available in four battery sizes offering from 70 to 210 real-world miles and a price range of £10-33k (pre-owned). In the last two years most manufacturers have entered the market and here at EV Experts we stock examples of most models. Those with a 50kWh battery, depending on their aerodynamics and weight, will give between 150 and 170 miles of range – examples of these are the Peugeot e208 and e2008, Vauxhall Corsa-E and Mokka-E and the DS 3 Crossback. There are now an exciting number of even longer range vehicles with larger batteries from VW, Kia, Hyundai and Ford Mustang. We can talk you through and show you all the options.

If you are looking for a statement – and only need 4 seats – there are some really funky models available including the iconic BMW i3 or i3S, Fiat 500e, Honda-e and Mini Cooper S, all offering the performance of a hot hatch and the spec of a premium brand.