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Reduced energy price cap from today!

From 1 April the reduced energy price cap means that electricity in most UK homes is capped at 24.5p/kWh (down from 28.6p/kWh).

This means that if you are charging your car from a source that costs 24.5p/kWh, you will be paying 60% less than the cost of fuelling a petrol or diesel car.  Most EV owners are able to charge much more cheaply at home on an EV or night-time tariff, making the savings even greater.

If your motor is a Renault Megane 1.6 petrol auto and you do 8,000 miles/year you will love the new Megane E-tech EV60.  The benefits of switching would be:

  • £891 a year saving on fuel (even greater if you are able to charge more cheaply than 24.5p/kWh or if the cost of petrol increases)
  • Servicing is usually cheaper because there is no timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, fuel filters or exhaust systems. Brake pads last longer too because the car uses regenerative braking to slow down.
  • No road tax to pay until 2025 (and then at the standard rate which is currently £180/year)
  • Great range of around 235 realworld miles and so it wouldn’t need charging every day
  • More spacious than the petrol model (60l more in the boot) with a premium interior and Google built-in

Like all electric cars, the driving experience is superb with instant acceleration. The cost to switch to a Megane E-Tech will start from £330/month on a PCP (depending on your deposit, finance terms and the model you go for).  If you need something bigger – for example you drive an estate – the Skoda Enyaq or VW ID.4 would be ideal replacements.  Or if it is tech and performance that is important, it is hard to beat the Polestar 2. Or maybe you are looking for something cute and convertible for Spring: check out the Fiat 500c!

We are independent specialists in used electric cars and have all of these in stock right now – talk to us today about the benefits of switching to electric and for impartial advice on which model will suit your lifestyle.