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Fully Charged LIVE reflections

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting existing and prospective EV owners at the Fully Charged LIVE Show last weekend, and the sceptics too!  It was great to hear different perspectives on the joys and challenges of switching to an electric car.  We were not surprised that those already driving electric did not ever want to return to an internal combustion engine car – the superb driving experience, lack of vibration and premium functionality was cited most often by EV drivers.

Those able to charge at home mentioned how much time is saved with the car charging up whilst you’re busy doing something else like sleeping or working.  Those using public chargepoints reported that charging whilst shopping or going to the gym or eating-out was much nicer than filling up with petrol.  It was also brilliant to hear how many people are installing solar panels with battery storage in their homes – if you can fuel for free then switching to an EV is a no-brainer.

We quizzed a lot of people on their en route charging experiences – many had driven a long way to be at the show.  A couple of families had travelled through Belgium, France and the Netherlands to be there!  It’s clear that there are pockets of all countries where the rapid charging network is still not quite there but equally we heard many stories of successful charging and great stop-off adventures too.  Forward planning seems to make those longer journeys more seamless.  Our highlight of the weekend was meeting an early adopter who travels thousands of miles every year in her first generation Nissan Leaf to rescue bats and other creatures from construction sites around the country.  Bravo!

We are now getting our show cars back to site and valeting them to be ready for their next owners – thank goodness we only took 20!  We would like to thank the organisers of Fully Charged for the opportunity to show visitors how much value and choice there is right now in the pre-owned, used, secondhand electric car market.  We would also like to thank everyone who visited us and shared their views and experiences – especially previous customers who dropped by for a catch up – it was so lovely to see you all.

If you would like to explore switching to an electric car and buying secondhand from an independent specialist, do get in touch today.