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Instock with EVE: Hyundai Ioniq 5 73kWh

Hyundai’s future of electric mobility is here, on our forecourt, and it really is unique in the marketplace right now.  Concept-car looks, well over 200 miles of realworld range, a vast array of driver assistance and safety aids and an innovative interior, all for under £40k!  A great family car, it has a huge boot capacity of over 500 litres and is one of the widest with 135cm of space across the rear bench for three car/booster seats.  And it’s fuel efficient too offering single-pedal driving through its i-pedal plus three lower levels of regen braking to adapt to your own driving style.

For infotainment the spec is massive as you would expect from a Hyundai plus V2L available both inside and outside.  This means you can plug in your laptop or games console into the three-pin socket located in the rear bench seat or use an external adapter to power small appliances such as a fridge or kettle when on outside adventures.  You could even charge another electric car from it, albeit slowly!  EVE loves the back-to-the-future matte grey finish, the use of innovative sustainable cloths in the interior and the confident handling that rear wheel drive brings.  Come and see if this fits you and your lifestyle today with EV Experts.