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InstaVolt Rapid Chargers at McDonald’s

McDonald’s, in partnership with InstaVolt, are installing EV rapid charge points in all new Drive-Thru restaurants and across its existing estate where possible. McDonald’s ambition is to create a new nationwide charging network to support increasing demand for EVs, which marks a huge stride forward for EV charging infrastructure.

InstaVolt’s new rapid charging points are capable of charging at 125kW meaning that in 20 minutes (or the time it takes to order and eat your Big Mac) you could get between 50 and 140 miles of range, depending on how fast your car can charge.

EV Expert Ollie took one of our Ford Mustang Mach-E to the Aldershot McDonald’s Drive-Thru on the A323 (postcode GU12 4HA).  You can see that it fitted right in, started charging immediately at 120kWh with one simple contactless payment priced at 66p/kW.  We enjoyed a nacho cheese wedges sharebox that Ollie brought back for the team!