Box Image Electric Car Features

Electric Car Features

Electric cars are quiet, comfortable, economic and exciting. The electric motor is smaller than an internal combustion engine translating into roomy interiors and a peaceful drive. Torque, or pulling power, is instantly available, top speeds exceed legal limits and there are no gears to grind. All electric cars are automatic and include the comforts we expect in premium cars – sat nav (with range advice and options), air conditioning, climate control, phone charger and Bluetooth connection. NCAP safety ratings are all 4 or 5 star.

Many electric car models have additional desirable features such as park assist cameras, high resolution intelligent displays, touch-screens, 30 minute rapid charging capability, automatic wipers and lights, funky design and environmentally friendly components.

Longer journeys than you think...

How far do you drive in a day?  Electric cars will usually offer a real-world range of at least 80 miles on a single charge which will take you from Paddington to Portsmouth! Higher capacity batteries available since 2016 give over 100 real-world miles with many models now comfortably covering over 200 miles.

Range differs between electric car models and is affected by how you drive and environmental factors (such as temperature). For many, a 30kWh battery gives sufficient daily range and a 50kWh battery is likely to extend that to up to three hours of driving.  If you do regularly cover over 100 miles in a day or if you cannot easily charge at home or work, you should consider a long range electric car with a battery of 50kWh or more.

Calculate Your Electric Car Range

Type in your postcode below and we will show you the typical range that you could expect from your electric car.

Three ways to charge

There are 3 speeds that an electric car can charge at… rapid, fast and trickle. EV Experts tip… charging an electric car is similar to charging a mobile phone – give it a full charge when you can, for example at home overnight and top it up during the day if you need to.

Box Icon Rapid Charging
Rapid Charging
30-45 minutes

Rapid charge points are located in motorway services, fuel stations and at key destinations. Accessed via apps or contactless, they supply power at 50kWh or more. It’s not the cheapest way to charge your car but gives the opportunity to travel beyond its range.

EV Experts tip…
if you’re going to rapid charge regularly it
is worth creating an account with the chargepoint provider to access their cheapest rates and plan your journey on

Box Icon Fast Charging
Fast Charging
6-12 hours

This is the most cost effective way to charge EVs. Widely available on-street and at supermarkets, leisure facilities and car parks. We also recommend installing a unit at your home and can help you find a local installer.

EV Experts tip…
join a charging network and download their app so finding a charge unit and paying is simple and quick and keep your cable in the back of your car.

Box Icon Trickle Charging
Trickle Charging
12-24 hours

An overnight charging solution plugging in to a standard household 3-pin wall socket. This is useful when you first get home with your EV and when staying away or visiting friends and family. We do recommend that customers install a home charging unit to fast charge their EV.

EV Experts tip…
don’t forget to pack the lead when you go to stay with friends and plug directly into a wall socket rather than an extension lead.

Box Image Intelligent EV-Specific Displays

Intelligent EV-Specific Displays

Information about available range and how much charge a vehicle has is clearly indicated on the dashboard displays of all electric cars.  When entering a destination into the sat nav the car will highlight different routes (the fastest, the shortest for example), whether there is sufficient charge for each of the routes and many will route plan with recommended charging stops for longer journeys.

The dashboard display will indicate if you are driving in an eco-friendly manner enabling you to conserve battery power and maximise the range available from
the remaining charge.  Many will also indicate how much power is being used by accessories in the car such as ventilation and entertainment systems.

Use your smartphone to guide you…

Box Icon Zap Map

Zap Map

Zap-Map enables electric car drivers to locate, navigate to and update the status of charge points. Take a look at their map or download their app for free to find charge points near you or on your typical journey.

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Box Icon Charge Bump

Charge Bump

ChargeBump makes life just a little bit nicer for electric car drivers. The process is simple: arrive at an occupied charger, enter the number plate of the vehicle on charge into their free app and send a Bump request.

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Box Icon Plug Share

Plug Share

PlugShare is a free app that allows users to find and review charging stations, and to connect with other electric car owners. PlugShare provides the most accurate and complete public charging map worldwide, including stations from every major network in Europe.

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See The Latest Electric Cars For Sale!

See The Latest Electric Cars For Sale!

EV Experts sell nearly new and pre-owned electric cars. We stock pure electric cars which can also be called an EV, ZE (zero emission) or BEV (battery electric vehicle) and plug-in hybrids or PIC (plug-in car). EV Experts keep a range of demonstrator electric cars in stock from all the major brands. We strive to answer any questions that you may have about running, purchasing and maintaining an electric car. Give us a call and put our knowledge to the test!