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Do you need apps to run an EV?

A question we are hearing more and more on our forecourts is… how many apps do you really need to run an electric car?

The short answer we give our customers is…

  • if you can always charge at home, you don’t need any apps;
  • if you fast charge from a public network you will probably need the app for those chargepoints;
  • to get the most out of your electric car, we recommend downloading the app for your car, Zap-Map, PodPoint plus VendElectric and bpPulse or Shell Recharge for rapid charging on the go.

We have posted a much fuller help and advice guide that you can find here:  alongside other insights into buying and owning an electric car.

At EV Experts we help our customers navigate through all aspects of driving and charging an electric car.  And we are at the end of the phone if you need an emergency charging consultation too!  We have been driving and selling electric cars for six years and we really know how to get the most out of them.  Come and talk to us today about which EV suits your lifestyle!