Box Image Electric Car Benefits

Electric Car Benefits

Electric Car Benefits: virtually silent, instant acceleration and a low centre of gravity mean electric cars are terrific to drive and easy to operate.  Electric cars are significantly cheaper to power than their diesel and petrol counterparts and cheaper to tax and use in cities. They have fewer moving parts and are therefore cheaper to service. Electric cars are also considered to be an environmentally-friendly mode of transport.

Box Image Superb Driving Experience

Superb Driving Experience

Electric cars are optimised for real-world driving in the UK and often perform better than their petrol and diesel equivalents in the 0-50 mph range. And with top speeds of around 100mph, you can put your foot down when you need to. Electric cars are all automatic and are extremely quiet and pleasingly smooth to drive.

Cheaper To Run & Maintain


Per Year Electric Car
(e.g. Nissan Leaf)
City Car Petrol
(e.g. Vauxhall Corsa)
Family Car Diesel
(e.g. Ford C-Max)
Sports Hatchback
(e.g. Mini Cooper S)
Fuel costs per 10k miles £690 £1,620 £1,850 £2,040
Servicing costs £200 £220 £300 £342
Road Tax £0 £165 £220 £165
Congestion charge
(12 London trips)
£0 £180 £180 £180
Total cost per year £890 £2,185 £2,550 £2,727
Price per mile £0.08 £0.21 £0.25  £0.27


Box Image Better for the Environment

Better for the Environment

There are many environmental benefits of opting for an electric car.  Most obviously electric cars eliminate localised pollution from personal transport and on a grander scale they positively contribute towards slowing down global warming when charged with electricity from renewable sources. There is also a growing market and opportunity for old electric cars batteries as the world prepares for an electric future.

Box Image Lower Emissions

Lower Emissions

Electric cars produce zero emissions. By switching to an electric car you will improve local air quality as fuel pollution causes respiratory problems, particularly in cities. The UK Government has pledged to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by 2030 because of the damage they are doing to people’s health and the planet.

Based on Nissan Leaf combined rating of 29 kWh/100mi.
Source: DEFRA (emission factors), EPA (ratings), IPCC. Copyright:

See The Latest Electric Cars For Sale!

See The Latest Electric Cars For Sale!

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