Demand for electric cars is stronger than ever.  At EV Experts we hit our Q1 sales targets before month three had even begun, driven by the increasing number of pre-owned vehicles available, the rapid expansion of the public charging network and governmental policies on clean air and tax.

It was great to meet John Evans from AUTOCAR magazine and to feature in this article John makes much of the fact that the market for pre-owned electric cars is the hot spot in an otherwise depressed UK car market.

When EV Experts launched in 2017 the market was tiny: there were 200 BEVS (battery electric vehicles) advertised for sale on Autotrader, today that figure is 2,165!   Demand is particularly strong for the BMW i3 94Ah, Nissan Leaf 40kW and Jaguar I-Pace.

2020 is the year to switch!  By opting for a pre-owned model you can see how it works without the enhanced cost that buying brand new brings and safe in the knowledge that residuals are strong if you decide to upgrade to something a bit different in the future.  EV Experts will find the right EV for you and your lifestyle.